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Solis-100K-5G-DC (10 MPPT)
Solis-100K-5G-DC (10 MPPT)

Maximum input voltage: 1100V
Maximum input current: 10*26A
Maximum efficiency: 98.7%
DC reverse polarity/temperature/short circuit and surge protection
Incorporates type II surge protection in AC and DC
5-year warranty (extendable up to 20 years)
5,580.47 € 5580.47 EUR
Aiko 605W-MAH72Mw
High performance module with 605W and efficiency of 23.8%.
Dimensions: 2278*1134*35mm
Maximum System Voltage: 1500V
Current Limit: 25A
144 cells
IP68 Protection
15 years product warranty
30 years linear performance warranty
129.64 € 129.64000000000001 EUR
SigenStor BAT 8.0
Sigen Battery 8 kWh with LED

Whether for home or business, its unique modular and stackable design allows it to be truly scalable on demand and flexible in configuration.

For commercial applications, you can connect multiple SigenStors in parallel to meet your capacity needs.

1-6 stackable battery modules

Capacity range from 5-48 KWh per stack

High energy density 110wh/kg
3,738.69 € 3738.69 EUR
Longi 580M LR5-72HTH HI-MO6
Módulo Solar de Alta Eficiencia LONGI SOLAR 580
Nueva tecnología HPBC (Hybrid Passivated Back Contact) con mejor coeficiente de temperatura y menor degradación.
125.00 € 125.0 EUR
Trina 550W TSM-DE19
Maximum Power Current-IMPP (A) 17,4 A
Maximum Power Voltage-VMPP (V) 31,6 V
Posibilidad de series hasta 27 módulos (14.850Wp, entrada máxima 1100V), menor cableado, Reducido BOS
21% de eficiencia

107.00 € 107.0 EUR
Solis-S5-GC40K-DC (4 MPPT)
Solis-S5-GC40K-DC (4 MPPT)

Three-phase grid connection inverter
Maximum input current: 32A
Certified 0 injection
Protection against overvoltage, short circuit, output overcurrent and against DC reverse polarity
Standard 5-year warranty extendable up to 20 years
2,750.00 € 2750.0 EUR
Solis Hybrid S5-EH1P6K-L (meter included)
Solis Híbrido S5-EH1P6K-L

2 MPPT Hybrid Single Phase Inverter
Maximum input voltage: 600 V
Maximum input current: 15 A / 15 A
Maximum efficiency: 97.1%
DC reverse polarity protection / output over current / short circuit and over voltage
Protection level: IP65
5 year warranty extendable up to 20 years
1,299.75 € 1299.75 EUR
eBick Ultra 175 -48280M (13,4 kWh)
The eBick Ultra 175 is Cegasa's answer to installers looking for a pre-installed, self-managing, plug-and-play battery.
It is ideal for replacing lead-acid batteries in existing installations, as well as for new self-consumption and off-grid
off-grid and self-consumption installations with requirements between 13 and 54 KWh.
The eBick Ultra 175, offering an IP30 degree of protection, is stackable up to 2 heights and up to 8 parallel connections in controlled conditions for communication.
5,700.00 € 5700.0 EUR
MULTIPLUS-II 48/5000/70-50 230V
5000VA 48V 230V IP22 (Incluye cargador 70A)
989.00 € 989.0 EUR
Utility meter Janitza UMG 104
UMG 104, with a 500 MHz DSP (digital signal processor), is a fully fast and powerful network analyzer. The continuous analysis of the 8 channels with 20 kHz per channel allows the recording of the electrical parameters (more than 800 values), minimum and maximum values, the essential voltage quality values as harmonics (up to 40, each phase with the recognition of the address). On the basis of data that production failures can be avoided, concepts can be developed for example to reduce energy costs, the measures taken and with the UMG 104 the achieved improvements can be monitored and documented. Through modern communication architectures the recorded data is sent to a central location, centrally stored in efficient databases and available for further processing in an open architecture. The easy connection of an available building control system or SPS environment extends the areas of use of the UMG 104.
998.49 € 998.49 EUR
SmartSolar MPPT 250/100-Tr (copia)
The SmartSolar MPPT RS solar charge controllers are Victron's solution for systems with large series-connected PV arrays charging 48 VDC battery banks. This product is perfect for large off-grid and grid-connected battery systems.

This 5.76 kW model features a solar voltage input operating between 80 and 450 VDC, independent tracking inputs, full connectivity, isolated PV connections, display, fully programmable battery charging parameters and active cooling. The new metal housing design and fully enclosed electrical connections enhance safety and modernize the presentation in accordance with Victron's latest product series.
1,182.00 € 1182.0 EUR
Inyección 0 certificada para inversores
1,759.26 € 1759.26 EUR
Phoenix 48/500 VE.Direct IEC
Inversor Phoenix 48/500 VE.Direct IEC
166.00 € 166.0 EUR
Phoenix 12/1200 IEC
Inversor Phoenix 12/1200 IEC
357.00 € 357.0 EUR
SmartSolar MPPT 75/15
15A MPPT solar charge controller for 12 and 24 volt battery systems and up to 75V photovoltaic field, Victron Energy brand SmartSolar MPPT 75/15 model.
72.00 € 72.0 EUR
MEGA-fuse 200A/58V for 48V 1und
Fuse 200A/48V Victron
31.00 € 31.0 EUR
Fuse holder Midi-fuse
Holder para fusibles MIDI-Fuse
10.00 € 10.0 EUR
10.00 € 10.0 EUR
MIDI-Fuse 1500A/32V (Pack de 5)
Fuse 1500A/32, Victron
10.00 € 10.0 EUR