Almacenamiento de energía solar

Does your client ask you about batteries and you don't know the available solutions?

​Energy storage systems are a great ally to maximize the benefits of self-consumption. Battery systems allow us to have stability in the cost per kWh of energy consumed. This is the best solution if you take into account the introduction of 0 injection systems, and the volatility of energy market prices.

​Our storage experts will provide you with the best proposal among different brands on the market, seeking the optimal balance between LCOS (Cost of Stored Energy) and the specific solution you need.

​There are countless applications where we already collaborate with our installer and engineering clients to integrate energy storage systems. Some of these applications are:

Maximizar el autoconsumo

With the integration of a battery system and our intelligent EMS

Peak Shaving

To minimize maximeter penalties or in cases where we have more power demand than contracted

Time of Use

With loading/unloading schedules based on customer criteria or adapting to market prices

Recarga VE

For situations of high energy demand

Make it easy, tell us about your application with batteries and let us advise you