Solis S6-GR1P4K-DC (4kW - 2MPPT)

Solis S6-GR1P4K-DC (4kW - 2MPPT)

2 MPPT non-hybrid single-phase inverter
Parallelizable up to 10 units
Max input current: 14A
Max input voltage: 600V
DC reverse polarity / short circuit / over voltage / anti-islanding and temperature protection
It has an LCD screen for configuration and display of data in real time
5-year warranty (extendable up to 20 years)

712.00 € 712.0 EUR 712.00 €

712.00 €

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  • Power (KWn)
  • singlephase/threephase
  • Function
  • Nº of MPPTs
  • MPPT voltage range (V)
  • MPPT maximal current (A)
  • starting voltage(V)
  • Marca
  • warranty

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Power (KWn) 4
singlephase/threephase Monofásica
Function No híbrido
Nº de MPPTs / Nº Entradas
Nº of MPPTs 2/2
Rango de volataje MPPT (V)
MPPT voltage range (V) 90-520
Corriente máxima de MPPT (A)
MPPT maximal current (A) 14
starting voltage(V) 120
Marca Solis
warranty 5 años